Explore Tim & Cindy Dodd's Media Appearances


Explore Tim & Cindy Dodd's Media Appearances

The Takeover

We have been featured on


", a company focused on the importance of creating outbound systems for business allowing more secure and abundant revenue streams for their clients"


"Is your business looking for more meetings to meet people and turn those people into clients?"


"So you have over 7 years of experience in cold and outbound marketing, tell us about"


"They are the owners of and they are helping people all over the world"


"As an entrepreneur it can be difficult to find a consistent flow of clientele. PEMA is stepping in to streamline the lead generation process"

Zero Limits Living

"In the pandemic, we actually crashed. I was really good at marketing and grew fast but operationally, hiring the wrong people, having the wrong culture, it crashed. But..."

Luxe Life

"You can have a business relationship that's really good and it can turn into a friendship but it's really hard to get a good friendship and turn it into a good business relationship."

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